Partner visas and the EU

Difficulties getting a visa for a spouse aren't directly caused by the EU; they reflect government policy on immigration, which EU migration affects.

How many migrants are coming to Europe and the UK?

How many migrants have arrived in Europe in 2015? How many are expected to come? How many people arrived in the UK in 2014? We look at the facts.

7 factchecks from the PM's immigration speech

Full Fact appeared on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show today to talk about the numbers behind David Cameron's immigration speech. The Prime Minister wants EU migrants to wait four ...

Is Britain sending £30m in child benefit to EU families?

"BRITISH taxpayers are giving more than £30million a year in Child Benefit to families in other EU countries." Daily Express, 28 May 2014 "Child benefit worth £30million paid by Britain ...

We still need to be cautious about Romanian and Bulgarian immigration estimates

Two sets of figures released today have reignited the debate about European immigration. But neither necessarily tells us much about the impact that lifting transitional controls on Romanian and Bulgarian ...

Jobs, laws and 'Eurocrats': UKIP's European election posters

UKIP's 2014 European elections posters were described by some as "inaccurate". So do the claims made by the party add up?

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