5G is not triggering nanotechnology in the Covid vaccines

31 May 2023
What was claimed

Nanotechnology in vaccines, when hit with a 5G signal, will cause muscle spasms and death.

Our verdict

The mRNA Covid-19 vaccines use lipid nanoparticles to carry the active ingredients, but there is no mechanism by which this would interact with 5G and cause harm.

Please note that some of the links in this article are to video clips that are potentially distressing.

A Facebook video shows footage of people collapsing with a voiceover implying these are deaths caused by Covid-19 vaccines and 5G.

The narrator says “I believe that the nanotechnology that has been injected into them causes the voluntary muscles, the striated muscles, to go into a spasm when they're hit with a pulse microwave 5G signal [...] That's the kind of death we're talking about”.

The voiceover doesn’t mention the Covid vaccines specifically, although at one point the words “vaccine injuries me [sic]” crawl across the centre of the video.  

The source of the video also appears to be an interview with American psychiatrist Dr Rima Laibow [45:45] on the US talk show and website InfoWars which has featured a lot of conspiracy theories. Dr Laibow links the deaths she describes to vaccination during the interview.

The Covid vaccines have sadly caused a small number of deaths, but they have prevented many thousands more.

We can find no evidence that the medical problems shown in this video have any connection to the Covid vaccines. It is also not true that the 5G radio signal interacts with the vaccines in any way.

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Is there ‘nanotechnology’ in the vaccines?

The mRNA Covid vaccines contain lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), which are used as a protective coating to carry the genetic material that the body uses to create immunity. Lipids are things like fats or oils that don’t dissolve in water, so they can be used to carry substances in a solution.

In this context, “nano” just refers to the size of the lipid particles. They are very tiny. It doesn’t mean the particles contain microchips or other sinister technology, as many have claimed.

The full ingredient lists of the UK’s Covid vaccines that use LNPs are available online.

Could anything be activated by 5G?

The voice in the video claims that “a pulse microwave 5G signal” triggers nanotechnology that has been injected into people, causing muscle spasms and death.

A person collapsing is quite common in medical terms, and has a large list of potential causes, but there is no evidence to support the idea that 5G triggers this in vaccinated people—and it appears to be impossible in any case.

Dr Al Edwards, associate professor in biomedical technology at the University of Reading, previously told Full Fact: “There is no mechanism known to physics or biology that could connect radio signals set by mobile phone data systems, to the biological or chemical materials found in vaccines.”

We have previously reported on many claims about 5G and Covid, including similar claims that the mobile technology will cause a vaccine ingredient to harm people. We have also previously written about claims by Dr Laibow.

False information like this can cause people to make bad decisions about their health and undermine important messages about public health and vaccines.

We have contacted Dr Laibow via publicly listed email addresses, but have not had a response at time of writing. 

Featured image courtesy of Michael D. Buschmann et al

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