These claims about people of certain ages remembering parts of World War Two are generally incorrect

65 year-olds are unlikely to remember rationing and 75 year-olds the Luftwaffe.

You can register to vote in two places

You are allowed to register to vote in two places. In a general election you can then vote in one of them.

Unevidenced tweet about People’s Vote crowd size spreads to Facebook

German TV did not say there were 2.2 million people, and the number was most likely in the low hundreds of thousands.

Blue trick or treating pumpkin buckets are not official symbols for the autistic community

A post about blue pumpkins went viral on Facebook, but it’s not clear if the autism community widely supports the campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn did not wear a poppy pin that said “lets forget”

This image from a March session of PMQs has been edited to include the poppy pin.

SNP members voted to commission a plan for pension increases in an independent Scotland

The resolution recommending this said the OECD average of 63% of average earnings should be set as the minimum.

EU Flags were not replaced by Union Jacks outside of parliament

EU flags are never officially flown in Westminster.

This is not a diesel generator at an Extinction Rebellion protest

The photo is taken from a generator’s marketing website.

Fake Boris Johnson quote spreads on Facebook

Boris Johnson did not say "we have wiped out the national debt". He did say the Conservatives had tackled the debt and deficit.

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