This Diane Abbott poster is fake

The mocked up poster was superimposed onto a photo taken in 2005 of a billboard in Hackney.

Don’t attempt ‘cough CPR’ if you think you’re having a heart attack

If you think you’re having a heart attack you should dial 999.

Donald Tusk’s grandfather was not in the SS

But he was conscripted into the German armed forces during WWII after time spent imprisoned in concentration camps.

The “Momo challenge” is an online hoax fuelled by media coverage

We look at the extreme level of media coverage devoted to Momo, in comparison to the dearth of evidence that it actually exists.

UK taxpayers aren’t subsidising France’s 35-hour working week

The EU budget is not spent on subsidising the French or German working week, or transport and utilities systems.

Red Cross documents do not undermine official Holocaust death toll

Anti-Semitic claims that Red Cross documents show the Holocaust death toll was well below the widely accepted six million estimate are false.

Theresa May didn’t say paedophiles should be allowed to adopt children

An academic wrote a report proposing the change in 2010, but that wasn’t backed by the government.

Overblown: Wind turbines don’t take more energy to build than they will ever produce

A post claiming wind turbines can never produce as much energy as was taken to build them is based on a selective quotation and is incorrect.

The estimated number of homeless people in Britain is broadly comparable to the population of Iceland

The calculation includes the number of people living in temporary accommodation, hostels and those sleeping rough.

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