Amazon is not selling Kindle Oasis e-readers for £1.78 for Black Friday

24 November 2022
What was claimed

Amazon launched a 'Black Friday Right Now' promotion in which everyone can get a Kindle Oasis only for £1.78.

Our verdict

Amazon confirmed it is not offering this deal.

Full Fact has spotted a number of posts on Facebook promoting a supposed Amazon Black Friday sale.

The posts claim that Amazon has launched a “Black Friday Right Now” promotion, including Kindle Oasis e-readers on sale for £1.78.

Amazon has told Full Fact they are not offering this deal.

We found several posts from different Facebook accounts, all with similar names, such as “The best Kindle” and “The best Kindles 2022”, each advertising the same deal.

Many of the posts also have identical comments from the same users claiming to have taken advantage of the deal. Some also include a link with an “apply now” button which leads to a page on an auction site selling toner.

Amazon is currently holding a Black Friday sale, with Kindle Oasis e-readers on sale in the UK from £199.99.

We’ve previously written about fake promotions purportedly from Amazon and other retailers as part of our work fact checking online misinformation.

Image courtesy of Felipe Pelaquim

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