Picture of Harry Styles wearing t-shirt with obscenity about ‘Tories’ has been Photoshopped

17 June 2022
What was claimed

Harry Styles was photographed wearing a shirt that said “all tories are c****.”

Our verdict

This picture has been edited. The original shows he was wearing a black t-shirt with no text.

A post on Facebook appears to show the singer Harry Styles wearing a t-shirt that says “all tories are c****”. However, this did not really happen.

This picture has been altered to include the text on the shirt. The original photograph was taken of him leaving a club in Los Angeles in 2014, while he was still a member of the band One Direction. In it, he was wearing a black t-shirt with no text on it.

We’ve written before about Photoshopped pictures of public figures—Mike Tyson didn’t really wear a shirt saying ‘plan-demic’ and Boris Johnson wasn’t pictured in front of a school display containing a rude message to him

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Image courtesy of Lovclyhes

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