15 Sep 2016

Wanted: "An honest and responsive government"

A UN consultation of nearly 10 million people found that having "an honest and responsive government" matters more to most people than affordable food. Read more

07 Sep 2016

The first automated factcheck

Giacomo writes about how he built our first automated factcheck. Read more

22 Aug 2016

Dodgy uses of statistics and how the BBC can avoid them

We were glad to see the BBC Trust take up our recommendations in its recent report on the BBC's coverage and use of statistics. Read more

19 Aug 2016

Open Democracy corrects claim about deaths in police custody

We are grateful to Open Democracy for correcting their article. Read more

18 Aug 2016

The Times sets an example with correction to cost of bed blocking claim

The Times published a front page correction to its article on the cost of bedblocking. Read more

17 Aug 2016

Automated Factchecking

We can scale up and speed up factchecking dramatically using technology that exists now. Here's how. Read more

08 Aug 2016

Automated Factchecking: decision time

Giacomo talks about the decisions he's made in building the tools for automated factchecking Read more

04 Aug 2016

The summer of 2016: what do you make of it?

Full Fact was on BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze, talking about trust in politics, and trust in facts. Read more

25 Jul 2016

Week 1: Automated Factchecking

Giacomo Boscaini-Gilroy, a student from Imperial University London, tells us about his first week at Full Fact. He's working on a pioneering project: automated factchecking. Read more