24th Jul 2015

Statistics are not just numbers: they require context to be useful

We're working on a project to create an open standard for sharing the bits of statistics that aren't numbers: the caveats, context and explanations. Here's why. Read more

7th Jul 2015

Automatically spotting interesting sentences in parliamentary debates

Jake has been volunteering at Full Fact for several weeks now. As part of our work towards more automated factchecking, we showed him the work of Simone Teufel on extracting information ... Read more

1st Jun 2015

The election has been factchecked

We have checked a constant stream of political claims during the past 6 weeks, analysed the manifestos in detail, and promoted these findings as widely as we could for the ... Read more

28th Apr 2015

Full Fact Podcast: Episode 4

We've launched a podcast for the election. Each week we'll bring you the facts behind the headlines, and news from our election HQ where the team is working 18 hour a ... Read more

19th Apr 2015

The faces behind Full Fact

Today, viewers of the Andrew Marr show were treated to a glimpse behind the scenes at Full Fact's election centre. Bringing you the facts behind the spin is a demanding job, ... Read more

18th Mar 2015

Full Fact's election centre is homeless

Staring March 30th we plan to run an 18 hour a day factchecking center. We will work tirelessly to make sure that no claim goes unchallenged during the election. The ... Read more

13th Mar 2015

We need volunteers to monitor the media and parties

Full Fact is preparing to operate an 18 hour a day factchecking centre, from 6am to midnight every day of the election campaign. Monitoring is the raw material for everything ... Read more

21st Feb 2015

The Big Monitoring Project

It's open data day, and we need open data about election campaigns. Read more

9th Feb 2015

Spin off: how some of the UK's top research organisations are supporting factchecking

Inaccurate claims aren’t necessarily down to malicious intent. Often, they come about because people don’t understand the evidence or they’re in a hurry. But whatever the reason, inaccurate information does ... Read more

9th Feb 2015

We want to factcheck the 2015 General Election.

We want to factcheck from 6am to midnight, every day, for the six week run up to the election in May. To do this we need £25,000 to kit out our ... Read more

7th Jan 2015

Full Fact Vs Scroobius Pip

While most of Scroobius Pip’s guests on his Distraction Pieces podcast are celebrities, he also likes to interview people “that aren’t as famous but are very much worth our audience ... Read more

26th Dec 2014

Christmas in graphs #6

Get the final answer to our Christmas quiz here! Read more