10th Mar 2016

Mixed results on requests for information about EU immigrants

The government has released more information about EU immigrants working and claiming benefits here, but the most important figures are still under wraps. Read more

4th Mar 2016

High impact factchecking

Three demonstrations of how Full Fact makes a difference in the past few days. Read more

19th Feb 2016

Colour blind awareness in Full Fact graphs

Last week someone from the ONS got in touch pointing out that one of our graphs wasn't accessible to some colour-blind people.    We want our work to be accessible to … Read more

18th Feb 2016

The tables have turned on employment figures

This week the ONS completed changes to its releases that will make it much easier to access and use its data Read more

16th Feb 2016

Explaining the EU deal

The Prime Minister’s EU renegotiation deal, or “new settlement for the United Kingdom”, is a package of changes to EU rules being discussed by European leaders on 18 and 19 … Read more

8th Feb 2016

Data on migrants' benefits: statistics watchdog highlights time lag

The Government has released data to support its claims about migrants and benefits, but the UK Statistics Authority is disappointed about the delay. Read more

22nd Jan 2016

DWP breaches statistics rules

The UK Statistics Authority revealed an official confession today of misdeeds from the Department for Work and Pensions. Read more

18th Jan 2016

Factchecking the Energy Bill second reading

We've factchecked claims about onshore wind, the Renewables Obligation, energy targets, the cost of energy to consumers, and jobs in the energy industry. Read more

17th Dec 2015

The government doesn't own public information

HMRC has refused an FOI request about migration data. We think this is inadequate. Read more

11th Dec 2015

Health Secretary responds to our correction request on weekend deaths in hospitals

In October we checked the Health Secretary's claim that, "there are 11,000 excess deaths because we do not staff our hospitals properly at weekends." Here's the reply when we asked … Read more

17th Nov 2015

Hiding the truth in plain sight

What does a Tom Hardy film have in common with the Department of Health? Read more

10th Nov 2015

Migrants and the benefits system: let's see the evidence

The evidence behind the Prime Minister's claims on EU migrants and benefits needs to be published. Read more