7th Jan 2015

Full Fact Vs Scroobius Pip

While most of Scroobius Pip’s guests on his Distraction Pieces podcast are celebrities, he also likes to interview people “that aren’t as famous but are very much worth our audience … Read more

26th Dec 2014

Christmas in graphs #6

Get the final answer to our Christmas quiz here! Read more

25th Dec 2014

Christmas in graphs #5

The answer to the penultimate question on our Christmas quiz — did you get it right? Read more

25th Dec 2014

Christmas in graphs #4

Happy Christmas! Did you guess question four right? Read more

24th Dec 2014

Christmas in graphs #3

Number three in our Christmas quiz: get the answer here. Read more

24th Dec 2014

Christmas in graphs #2

For the second question in our Christmas quiz, did you guess right? Read more

23rd Dec 2014

Christmas in graphs #1

Over the next few days Full Fact is holding a Christmas quiz on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Did you guess this one right? Read more

11th Dec 2014

A gunge tank to jazz things up a bit

Every now and then people come up with great ideas for factchecking. From apps to buzzers to slime, here are some of our favourites:     While we wait for a politician … Read more

1st Dec 2014

Excel hell

This week sees the launch of a good practice guide for releasing official statistics in spreadsheets. This might not sound important, but if you look behind the uniform face of … Read more

10th Nov 2014

See you at the pub?

With the election less than 180 days away, we are preparing to operate an 18 hour a day Election Centre. From there we’ll react rapidly to claims during the campaign and … Read more

28th Oct 2014

General election 2015: what issues should we check?

During the Scottish referendum campaign, Ipsos Mori asked people in Scotland how easy or difficult it was to find trustworthy information. 61% found it fairly or very difficult. We can … Read more

8th Oct 2014

6 key factchecks from Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats conference speech

Here is our take on the key claims made by Nick Clegg today as he addressed his party conference. 1. "Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, bi-polar disorder — … Read more