1st Nov 2018

Confusing calculations: why politicians should stick to the basics

A recent figure used by the Chancellor had us scratching our heads. When we investigated further, we found some confusing calculations and potentially misleading numbers. Read more

29th Oct 2018

How well do we understand economic terms?

How good a job do politicians and the media do of actually communicating what economic terms mean? Read more

29th Oct 2018

How to understand the Budget – without the spin

How can you tell whether the Budget speech is giving you the full picture or not? Here are nine key things to look out for… Read more

23rd Oct 2018

Research update #1: Filter bubbles, lazy thinking, and where misinformation comes from

An occasional series summarising research that can inform our work from Full Fact's Research Manager Amy Sippitt. Read more

12th Oct 2018

How to series: a guide to factchecking the internet

In this series of 'How-tos', we guide you on the different ways you can spot misinformation and find the most reputable information online. Read more

8th Oct 2018

The Department for Education gets a failing grade on statistics

The UK Statistics Authority has written to the Department for Education to express “serious concerns” about the Department’s “presentation and use of statistics”. Read more

5th Oct 2018

To claim or not to claim: how I helped improve Full Fact’s automated factchecking

Data analytics student Oliver Price spent a summer working at Full Fact, where he helped improve our Live factchecking tools. He details what he got up to... Read more

2nd Oct 2018

Tackling misinformation in an open society

Our new report ‘Tackling misinformation in an open society’ sets out our thinking on how we might be able to deal with misinformation in a proportionate way. Read more

11th Sep 2018

How to spot misleading crime reporting

It can be difficult to work out whether crime stories have real substance to them, but there are some steps you can follow to help. Read more

23rd Aug 2018

RPI explained: how the government’s choice of inflation measure can make you better or worse off

The government doesn’t use the same measure of inflation for everything. A few key areas that affect consumer spending, such as rail fare rises and student loan repayments, are set … Read more

9th Aug 2018

How to spot misleading videos online

Here’s how to tell whether a video you’ve seen online is real. Read more

3rd Aug 2018

How to spot misleading poll figures

Polls often dominate political conversation but it can sometimes be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. Here are a few steps you can follow to help you judge … Read more