23rd May 2018

How did Full Fact help secure the publication of housing and immigration data?

What is the process that transforms a claim into a factcheck, and how do we make sure unsubstantiated claims don’t get repeated? Read more

9th May 2018

When headlines aren’t quite as they seem

Why headlines matter and how we secured a correction about millennials. Read more

2nd May 2018

Full Fact puts Claims and Conclusions under the spotlight

We recently published our 1,000th conclusion. In true Full Fact style, it's time to evaluate how well they are working. Read more

18th Apr 2018

Making progress on mental health

An update on our progress to improve the transparency of mental health statistics. Read more

16th Apr 2018

Audience Research

We conducted our first large-scale audience research in autumn 2017, to find out about who follows our work and why. Read more

28th Mar 2018

Full Fact goes Live on the BBC

A day in the life of Full Fact factchecker, Claire Milne, who last week appeared on BBC Live Lessons to teach 11-14 year-olds about how to spot misinformation in the ... Read more

19th Mar 2018

The Future of Promise Tracking

The Future of Promise Tracking is an in-depth report which examines promise tracking from first principles and builds towards recommendations on how a high-quality promise tracker can be built. Read more

22nd Feb 2018

For the love of statistics: Full Fact welcomes new Code of Practice

A new Code of Practice for accurate and accessible statistics Read more

14th Feb 2018

Customising annotation tools for factchecking at scale

Here's how we customised Prodigy, an annotation tool, to collect 25,000+ annotations from 90 amazing volunteers, in aid of our automated factchecking project. Read more

9th Feb 2018

Bank of England aims at the general public, and scores

The Bank of England's new visual summary is aimed squarely at an everyday audience. There are bite-sized pieces of information, no jargon, and the sentences are short. Read more

16th Jan 2018

Full Fact comment on latest EU membership fee claim

The UK is lucky to have independent statistics. It’s not a permanent state of affairs. Read more

15th Jan 2018

Why we need to stop saying ‘fake news’

The term is too vague to be useful and has been weaponised by politicians. Read more