13th Jun 2018

The Quest for the Questions in BBC Question Time

The show BBC Question Time is organised around a few “big questions” asked by the audience. Michal who joined Full Fact for two weeks in November would like to build ... Read more

4th Jun 2018

Dashboardising BBC Question Time

At the end of November 2017 I had a great opportunity to work for two weeks with the Digital Team of Full Fact. Read more

1st Jun 2018

Full Fact announces Tom Phillips as Editor

On 11 June we’ll be joined by a new Editor: Tom Phillips, previously the Editorial Director of Buzzfeed UK. Read more

29th May 2018

Crowdsourced Factchecking

There is a role for crowdsourcing in factchecking but (so far) it’s not factchecking Read more

24th May 2018

Good practice makes perfect: how we're improving the communication of statistics

Full Fact often works with people who produce public information to improve the way it’s presented - helping people using that information to avoid mistakes in the first place. Read more

23rd May 2018

How did Full Fact help secure the publication of housing and immigration data?

What is the process that transforms a claim into a factcheck, and how do we make sure unsubstantiated claims don’t get repeated? Read more

9th May 2018

When headlines aren’t quite as they seem

Why headlines matter and how we secured a correction about millennials. Read more

2nd May 2018

Full Fact puts Claims and Conclusions under the spotlight

We recently published our 1,000th conclusion. In true Full Fact style, it's time to evaluate how well they are working. Read more

18th Apr 2018

Making progress on mental health

An update on our progress to improve the transparency of mental health statistics. Read more

16th Apr 2018

Audience Research

We conducted our first large-scale audience research in autumn 2017, to find out about who follows our work and why. Read more

28th Mar 2018

Full Fact goes Live on the BBC

A day in the life of Full Fact factchecker, Claire Milne, who last week appeared on BBC Live Lessons to teach 11-14 year-olds about how to spot misinformation in the ... Read more

19th Mar 2018

The Future of Promise Tracking

The Future of Promise Tracking is an in-depth report which examines promise tracking from first principles and builds towards recommendations on how a high-quality promise tracker can be built. Read more