Flu isn’t the underlying cause of death for more people than Covid-19

Figures from the Office for National Statistics are being widely misunderstood. Flu isn’t the underlying cause of more deaths than Covid-19 at the moment, but pneumonia probably is.

We don’t know whether “misinformation” killed 800 people

Several news reports based this claim on a scientific paper that provided little evidence in support of the figure

This vaccine survey may not be exactly what it seems

People who don’t think they will get the coronavirus vaccine may not be planning to “refuse” it.

You were more likely to catch Covid-19 in Spain than the UK in late July.

A viral Facebook post claims Spain had a much lower Covid-19 death toll than the UK at the end of July. That’s correct but isn’t the best way to compare …

How to check coronavirus cases near you

The data is easy to find, but needs to be read carefully

We do not test 330,000 people a day for Covid-19

This was a claim from the schools minister. The true figure, under the Test and Trace programme for England, is more like 52,000

Why this poll gives a misleading view on how many people the public think Covid-19 has killed

By using a mean average, the results overstated what the average Brit thinks the death rate has been.

Changes to government Covid-19 death data won’t make a big difference to the overall death count

The government has demanded an urgent review into the way Public Health England calculates the daily death figures from coronavirus.

The government was wrong on its own data on Covid-19 tests for care homes

Both Boris Johnson and the Department for Health and Social Care claimed in May that 125,000 staff in care settings and 118,000 care home residents had been tested for Covid-19. …

It’s not true that 58% of Covid-19 deaths in Scotland were in care homes

A widely shared Facebook post wrongly claims that 58% of Scotland’s coronavirus deaths took place in care homes.

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