The government updated total Covid-19 death data with April and May deaths confirmed by non-NHS labs

The cumulative deaths total increased by 445 more than the daily increase in coronavirus deaths.

Be wary of social media posts comparing fatality rates in confirmed Covid-19 cases

These figures don’t count the large numbers of people who’ve had the disease but haven’t been tested.

Claim by Independent SAGE about Covid-19 infections in children is based on unclear evidence

Research literature doesn’t suggest that children are as likely as adults to become infected and carry the virus.

The limits of what we can say about early lockdowns

Analysis comparing countries’ excess deaths tallies based on when they locked down needs to be put into context.

We still don’t know if the UK does the most Covid-19 tests in Europe

The Prime Minister claimed “we test more than virtually any country in Europe.” The UK appears to test more than most.

The figure of 1 million children not returning to school is uncertain

Teachers were surveyed between 7 and 17 May on whether they thought families would send their children back to school when they reopened.

Covid-19 may not be a “high consequence infectious disease”, but it is a real emergency

The new coronavirus can cause many thousands of deaths even though Covid-19 is no longer considered a “high consequence infectious disease”.

It is not clear that 19 million people have already had the new coronavirus

New research claiming that this is the case needs taking with a pinch of salt.

Daily Express diabetes and coronavirus deaths headline is misleading

A quarter of patients who died with Covid-19 in English hospitals had diabetes. But that doesn’t mean that all these deaths were linked to diabetes.

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