The government says 125,000 workers in care settings and 118,000 care home residents have been tested for Covid-19

In PMQs, Boris Johnson misspoke by saying 125,000 care home staff and 118,000 care home workers have been tested for coronavirus.

No, Italy hasn’t recounted its coronavirus data and found that most died from other diseases

Official data shows that most people who died from Covid-19 had other conditions, not that these conditions were the real cause of their death.

We don’t know exactly how many NHS workers have died from Covid-19

Figures on the number of NHS workers who have died from the new coronavirus are incomplete.

It’s likely that over 100,000 people have entered the UK since the lockdown began

Government estimates on arrivals are opaque, but recent figures suggest 100,000 is an underestimate.

It’s not right that you’re more likely to drown than die of Covid-19 if you’re under 60 with no health problems

It was claimed on Question Time that you are more likely to drown than die of Covid-19 if you are under 60 with no health conditions.

This viral UK Facebook post claiming 31 million job losses probably refers to the USA

A viral post shared by a UK Facebook user claims 31 million people have lost jobs in the last five weeks. This isn’t correct for the UK.

We don’t know the true Covid-19 survival rate yet

We don’t have a good idea of how many people have had Covid-19 yet, so don’t know how many have survived it.

Police officers around the world have died from Covid-19

This post incorrectly claims that there are no reports of police officers dying from Covid-19.

Testing positive for Covid-19 doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get ill

A headline in the Times conflated testing positive with Covid-19 to being “ill” with the disease.

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