This letter claiming to be from a doctor in Surrey is full of errors

Claims about hospital attendance figures, death certificates, and empty ambulances are all false.

Independent SAGE’s estimated death rate is too high

And it is wrong to say that the government would be happy with it

Did the government meet its Covid-19 test targets?

It has often been unclear about exactly what the targets were. It has hit some and missed others, and announced successes without evidence that the success was real.

New data reveals PM’s testing speeds claims as wrong

The PM claimed all tests at regional sites and mobile units were processed within 24 hours. New data shows, at the time, only 19% and 5% of tests respectively were …

Covid-19 testing is not as fast as Matt Hancock claimed

Almost all the tests he described deliver results by the end of the next day—not within 24hrs

The UK has had one of Europe’s worst Covid-19 outbreaks

But it is not the only country with a high death rate.

Covid-19 is the underlying cause of death for most people who die with it

ONS data suggests Covid-19 is the underlying cause of death for 94% of people who die with it.

More people have probably been killed by coronavirus than were killed during the Blitz

An image being shared online is a fair reflection of what we know about the death tolls from Covid-19 and the Blitz.

Boris Johnson overstates number of schools with returning students

Boris Johnson was wrong to say that 97% of primary schools which report data were seeing children returning. The figure on the day he was speaking was 69%.

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