Ask Full Fact: your election questions answered

9 December 2019

In the final week of campaigning we asked Full Fact's readers to ask us questions about the 2019 general election and the claims made by all the major parties—whether it was about the economy, education, Brexit, health, or polling day itself.

We've had nearly five hundred questions via our question form. This page is where we've collected all of our answers to those questions.

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Polling day

Which are the most populated (in terms of number of voters) and least populated seats being contested in the general election?

Will UK expats and EU citizens living in the UK be able to vote on 12 December?

In what conditions can a candidate request a recount in a close result, do returning officers have any guidelines?

How many seats are each of the main parties contesting please?

What happens if there is a hung parliament?


Is the European Commission unelected or undemocratic?

How is Boris Johnson's deal different to Theresa May's?

In his Andrew Neil interview, Nigel Farage said the Political Declaration is legally binding if the Withdrawal Treaty is passed. Is this true?

What do we have to pay to the EU for Brexit?

How many trade deals will we lose access to post Brexit if we leave the Customs Union?


What is the total number of vacancies in the NHS for medical and support staff?

Is the 50,000 more nurses claim from the Conservative manifesto accurate?

Is the NHS already privatised? Is it going to be?

How many more nurses, police officers and teachers were there in 2010 when the Conservatives came to power?

Where can I read the full text of the 451 page document that Jeremy Corbyn says demonstrate that the NHS will be sold off by the Conservatives?

Are NHS waiting lists the longest they have ever been now?


How much extra in pounds per month would someone earning £80,000 a year pay with the tax increase mentioned in Labour's manifesto?

Are the Conservatives planning to raise the retirement age to 75 if they stay in power?

It has been said that UK pensioners receive less than legal or illegal immigrants per year, is this true?

What has happened to the debt and deficit now and under previous governments?


Is it true that Labour will make private landlords sell their properties to their tenants?

Sajid Javid said on 5 December that homelessness has halved under the Conservatives since 2008—is this true?


Is there somewhere where we can enter the name of an MP and see the MP's full voting records in the House of Commons?

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