This claim that 2,000 people have died waiting for benefits since a Universal Credit review was announced needs context

The estimate is an average based on how many people died between 2013 and 2018 waiting for a decision on their Personal Independence Payment decision.

A Bill to change referendum rules came from one Lord, not the government

It’s not a Bill that has been put forward by the Conservative party or by the government.

Finland is not going to have a four-day working week.

The claim came from an informal proposal made by the Prime Minister when she was Minister of Transport.

This video does not show an official alert siren playing in London

This video does not show an official alert siren playing in London.

This video does not show a real nuclear attack alert

The original video was made just for fun.

Not every Nando’s UK restaurant is halal

An ad claiming this was for its Singapore restaurants.

The police won’t always be dispatched if you dial 55 during a 999 call

If you can’t speak during a 999 call, dialling 55 can alert the operator that you need help, but it won’t guarantee that the police will come.

Pension strikes in France have been widely reported in the UK

It’s not the case that the British media is ignoring the story.

This quote about selling NHS assets does not appear in the leaked UK-US trade documents

A quote about the US having a “right to withdraw all trade, aid and communication” in negotiations about the NHS does not appear in a leaked government document.

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