A mobile phone mast was relocated due to local concerns about school cancer cases

But there is no evidence to suggest the mobile phone mast caused the cancers.

The Great Pyramid’s location isn’t as spooky as this post makes out

A line of latitude going through the Great Pyramid in Egypt does match the speed of light, but about 20,000 other lines go through the pyramid as well.

Photo circulating of busy mosque was taken before lockdown

The image was taken before Boris Johnson announced the lockdown measures on 23 March.

We don’t yet know if anti-malaria drug chloroquine is a cure for Covid-19

Anyone saying they know that the anti-malarial drug prevents Covid-19 is not backed up by evidence.

These numbers about Covid-19 deaths in the UK and Italy are broadly accurate

Not enough is known about the new coronavirus to say that the number of deaths in the UK will grow at the same rates as Italy.

There’s still no evidence that you can catch the new coronavirus from your pet

Hundreds of thousands have shared claims on Facebook that pets don’t carry the virus.

A government report didn’t say the countryside was “too white”

A 2018 report from DEFRA did say that ethnic minorities should be encouraged to visit national parks and have better representation on park boards.

Russia has not unleashed 500 lions to stop people going outdoors

This is a fake story that uses a picture of a lion in South Africa from 2016.

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