People did die of Covid-19 in Ireland in August

A viral post compares the number of deaths from cancer, suicide, alcohol and Covid-19 in Ireland, but it gets a lot wrong.

The government is not planning to roll out an untested Covid-19 vaccine

A government consultation about unlicensed vaccines has been misunderstood online.

Almost all of these claims about viruses are wrong

Posts claiming that viruses are just dead material and the body contains many viruses don’t disprove the fact that Covid-19 can be very harmful.

Pay for some nurses has fallen in real terms since 2010

Real-terms pay for staff at the top of band 5 fell from £33,007 in 2010/11 to £30,112 in real-terms between 2010/11 and 2019/20.

Thérèse Coffey did not say starving people were not her concern

The fabricated quote appears to refer to an interview she gave to Sky News where she was asked about Mercy Baguma.

There’s no evidence for how many people took part in ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ or later died from Covid-19

A Facebook post makes misleading claims about the survival rates of people eating in restaurants without masks.

This is what the guidelines are for social distancing in parliament.

The guidance includes a maximum number of people in the chamber and remote voting.

Photos of ministers together weren’t taken at a ‘Cobra’ meeting

Ministers attending a Cabinet meeting appear to be adhering to workplace Covid guidance.

Unlicensed vaccines are not untested

Social media posts claim the government is trying to quietly change the rules on unlicensed vaccines, but they’ve missed the point.

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