WhatsApp messages about a video called “India is doing it” are a hoax

The video and the hack mentioned in the message are not real.

Royal Navy sailors died while preventing the slave trade, but not tens of thousands

Modern and contemporary records of naval deaths are in the low thousands.

There almost certainly aren’t as many as two million unauthorised immigrants in the UK

A recent estimate put the figure between 800,000 and 1.2 million.

This comparison of the cost of the Irish and UK contact tracing systems is misleading

The Irish system will cost €700 million for the first year, not £773,000 which is just the cost of developing the app.

How to spot misleading images online

Here are examples of image-based misinformation we’ve encountered in our work, and advice on how to verify things you may encounter every day.

Shamima Begum is not back in the UK

This claim regularly reappears and has always been false.

This viral post on benefits and tax avoidance is inaccurate

It underestimates the spending on benefits for people seeking asylum and uses a disputed estimate of the tax gap to talk about tax avoidance.

Challenging someone for not wearing a face mask isn’t against the Equality Act

It has been claimed on social media that challenging someone who is not wearing a face covering could result in a fine.

A picture of Sadiq Khan just before his flu jab doesn’t show he didn’t get it

A photo of a pharmacist preparing to give the Mayor of London his flu vaccination has gone viral.

A Covid-19 diagnostic test won’t pick up other coronaviruses

It’s antibody tests that may detect whether someone had Covid-19 in the past that may pick up antibodies to other coronaviruses, not diagnostic tests.

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