Chris Whitty did not personally receive millions of pounds from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

The money was given to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, where Chris Whitty worked.

This is how you can verify you are actually being contacted by the government’s Test and Trace service

Tracers will not ask for personal information such as financial details or online logins.

No, the Mail didn’t use an old photo of Jeremy Corbyn to claim he wasn’t social distancing on his birthday

The photo is from 2020 as the Mail claimed and first appeared on a Facebook group for canal boat owners.

Can hand sanitiser catch fire in a hot car?

Viral posts have talked about the ‘flash point’ of hand gel, but that’s the temperature it can catch fire if there’s a spark.

Patent application 060606 does not mention inserting microchips into the body

This patent application appears to be for some sort of wearable activity tracker.

50 French schools have closed due to coronavirus cases, but it is likely these infections happened before schools reopened

It is still too early to know the effect of school openings will have on coronavirus cases in France.

Dominic Cummings’ sister is not director of company that runs the NHS track and trace app

An Alice Cummings is a director at Idox but she’s not his sister and the company has nothing to do with the app.

A 2019 Dominic Cummings blog post was recently edited to explicitly mention a coronavirus

The Wayback Machine website shows the edit being made in mid-April 2020.

Dominic Cummings is not in this picture of the Bullingdon Club

A post shared on social media incorrectly claims Dominic Cummings is pictured as a member of the Bullingdon Club alongside David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

Animals and the origins of the new coronavirus

It is thought that the new coronavirus originated from bats and was transmitted to humans through another animal.

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